RSCE - Regional Services Education Center

The RSEC Academy High School

Grades 9-12

The philosophy of The Academy is based on the belief that students can learn how to read and write. It is never too late to begin or continue systematic instruction in basic learning skills, and this instruction must occur in multiple environments. Every environment is an opportunity to learn to read and write. Reading and writing can, and should, be taught in conjunction with the instruction in content areas. Students have a variety of learning styles or patterns of strengths and weaknesses. Students also vary in their levels of multiple intelligences.

With this in mind, The Academy will take every opportunity to capitalize on student strengths. Instruction, as well as evaluations of learning, will utilize nonverbal intelligence which is a valid and valuable learning tool. At The Academy, a student's self esteem is based on authentic success. The student must be an integral part of planning and assessment. The first step in gaining the cooperation of a student is to demonstrate objective proof of genuine progress toward shared learning objectives.


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The RSEC Academy
High School

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Janet Reed, Director
Stan Shupe, Assistant Director