RSCE - Regional Services Education Center

The Academy High School

Transition Services

Students at The Academy receive a number of opportunities to work toward their after high school plans. Transition discussions begin during their 8th grade year and continue until the end of 12th grade. 

Some of the transition activities include:

Vocational Program Opportunities:

Students have the opportunity to tour and attend area high schools with vocational programs. Students have participated in programs at Alvirne High School, Milford High School, Manchester School of Technology, Nashua High School North and South.


Each year students in grades 9-11 are asked to compile work from each class that connects to the goals and objectives in their IEP.

Job Shadows:

Students are offered opportunities during their Junior and Senior year that allows them to shadow someone who holds the job that they might like to have after high school. Students are then required to journal about their experiences in order to reflect on what they observed.

College Tours and College Fairs:

During Junior and Senior year, students are given the opportunity to visit colleges of interest that may help to meet their educational needs. 

College/Post High School Training Applications:

At The Academy, we know that not all students are college bound but they are all bound for something after high school. Seniors are given time to research and find a program that will meet their needs and help them to grow further after high school. Students are then given assistance with the application process through Senior Seminar.

Best of Souhegan Exposition:

Juniors and Seniors attend the Best of Souhegan Expo in the fall to see what our region has to offer them.

Career Exploration:

Beginning in 8th grade, students have access to career exploration through interest inventories.

Post High School Testing:

Students can take the ASVAB and ACT tests on campus and receive necessary accommodations.

Vocational Rehabilitation:

Students, who have applied and been accepted to the Federal Vocational Rehabilitation program, can meet and work with their Vocational Rehabilitation counselor at school during school hours.