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Longview School

Grades 9-12

The Longview School opened in September 2000 to meet the increasing programmatic needs for students with emotional and behavioral disabilities in the southern NH region. Students take part in a variety of project-based, hands-on experiences that incorporate adventure, arts, and self-discovery. The therapeutic program requires students to challenge themselves mentally, physically, and emotionally.

The program facility is a grand log structure located on the highest peak of a 154-acre campus bordering Pawtuckaway State Park. The wilderness setting is ideal for academic studies, inspiration for the art program, and Adventure Based Counseling activities.

Students are placed at Longview School by their local school districts and the program provides for small classes and individual attention. The campus includes nature trails and an nature center with future plans for a challenge course. These components enrich the curriculum that Longview provides. The Adventure Based Counseling (ABC) component of the program consists of off-site activities once per week and three-day expeditions two to three times per year. Longview School offers a summer program for current and prospective students as well as other students deemed appropriate for the services.


"I’d like to welcome you to the Longview School as we enter our 16th year of operation. As I look back over the many changes that have taken place, I’m more committed than ever to the goal of engaging students to help them prepare for life after Longview. In fact, Longview’s name arose from a desire to help students gain those intangibles that are so critical to being successful in the world. Many alumni come back after they’ve left Longview and talk about something we’ve taught and tell us they didn’t “get it” until they left. But they did “get it” and thought kindly about Longview to let us know we helped them. Not all education takes part in the classroom. We look forward to discussing whether Longview is right for you"

Tom Jennings
Director, Longview School

News: Longview Culinary Program Flyer June 2013 (pdf)

Longview School

55 Reservation Road
P.O. Box 369
Deerfield, NH 03037

Fax: 603-463-7867

Tom Jennings, Director
Nicole Skitch, Counselor
Number of Students: 27
Number of Staff: 7