RSCE - Regional Services Education Center

Longview School

Application and Admissions


Call to set up an interview.

Forward student’s paperwork including IEP, Transcript, and Evaluations.

If the student and Longview School think it’s a good match, schedule a day visit. During the visit at Longview the student will shadow a student to all his/her classes where they will be asked to do some basic academic assessments to help us place them in the appropriate class.

Admission Criteria:

Students (co-ed) ages 13-21 with emotional, behavioral and other educational disabilities who have not been successful in their current educational setting.

There are 5 major elements that students need to commit to be a successful student at Longview School.

  1. Attendance – Since we utilize a “hands-on” approach to teaching, there is no substitute for being in class.
  2. Academics – Students must be of average intellectual ability, and capable of producing work in a small group setting. Students will utilize the 154-acre campus as part of their education experience.
  3. Behavior – The students must be self-aware of their issues and have the ability to manage their behavior with Staff feedback and support. We do not utilize a point or level system, but instead use rewards and consequences as they would encounter in their community.
  4. Adventure Based Counseling (ABC) – Students are required to take part in our ABC program every Friday as it the core of our therapeutic delivery system. Students are placed in small groups where they will take part in a variety of activities which include, but are not limited to, paddling, skiing, hiking, rock-climbing, mountain biking, and expeditions. We also incorporate visual arts as a counseling tool within same teams.
  5. Best Effort – Throughout the curriculum and within the ABC Program, Longview School puts a high value on best effort. We believe that effort can overcome many of the obstacles that have impacted our students’ success. We look for effort not only in the classroom, but also in the ABC and counseling settings.

School size ranges from 24 to 28 students with class sizes no larger than 8 students. This small size provides the opportunity for individual attention and student growth.