RSCE - Regional Services Education Center

Longview School

Adventure Based Counseling

The ABC Program provides a key component to the overall therapeutic approach. Behaviors, social interactions, and successes that are observed on Friday become topics that are discussed in individual counseling sessions.

Although the activities have a recreational look to them, they are but a means to an end. Physical prowess within the activity is not a requirement. We would rather have a student push their bike up a hill and offer help to fix a flat tire, than someone who biked to the top and bragged about it. The activities provide opportunities to catch students “in the act.” During these activities, students are required to give and accept feedback while they work together towards a common goal. Activities are designed to be run in a sequential order – e.g.:

  • Ice breakers
  • Deinhibitizers
  • Communication
  • Cooperation
  • Trust
  • Group problem solving
  • Social responsibility