RSCE - Regional Services Education Center

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The mission of RSEC is to raise the capability of parents and schools to help all children and youth be successful.

RSEC will successfully achieve this mission when:

As a Collaborative Partner:

RSEC member districts and other agencies cooperate in designing RSEC services that meet districts' and agencies' needs and those services are used to benefit children and youth.

As a Service Center:

RSEC services are cost-efficient and educationally effective for school districts.  Students are successfully transitioned from programs into local schools and require fewer supports.

As a Training Center:

RSEC is a forum for communication among parents and professionals servicing children, adolescents, and families. 

RSEC offers current research and consultation and is recognized for its professional expertise in child and adolescent services.

As a Business:

RSEC identifies the changing needs of the community, using this knowledge to plan and implement strategic action. 

RSEC employees are leading professionals in their fields and are valued for their contributions by our Center and the member districts.

RSEC is financially solvent, using quality financial management practices and accessing funds available through grants and outside sources.