RSCE - Regional Services Education Center

Sunrise Children's Center

Ages 6 weeks to 6 years

Before and After School Program through Grade 4

Sunrise provides full-day, half-day, and drop-in care programs for children ages 6 weeks to age 6. Sunrise also offers an after-school program for children Kindergarten through grade 4, as well as care during school vacations, snow days, delayed openings, and early releases. Summer programs are available for all children.

Enrichment activities such as Cooking class, Zumba, and Drums Alive are available to enhance the children’s weekly experiences.

Sunrise is an inclusionary early childhood educational center, and support services can be made available as needed.

Sunrise Children's Center

94 Rt. 101A, P.O.Box 370
Amherst, NH 03031

Fax: 603-689-7141

Nancy Gagnon, Director
Number of Children Served:    Approx. 100 (Full and Part-time    enrollments)
Number of Staff: Approx. 20

Marcia Potter and Nancy Gagnon

Sunrise Children’s Center Honors Marcia Potter for 23 Years of Service

Sunrise Children’s Center are pleased to honor Marcia Potter of Wilton, New Hampshire, who will retire in June of this year.