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The RSEC Academy Students Take a Lesson in Survival

RSEC students complete wilderness survival project

Academy students report on wilderness survival project

January 11, 2011

Two fifth and sixth grade students at The Academy reported out on a current class project where they are writing in a journal about being stranded and surviving in different wilderness locations across the country. Jack Steele and Paul Curtis provided the following report and photos: “In Mr. Curtis and Mrs. Boyle’s class we are working on a survival unit. We are reading a book called Hatchet. It is about a boy who survives in the woods by himself. We are writing a journal and we have to pretend that we are stranded and surviving in different places.

In the cave at Pawtuckaway State Park.

Jack S. is in Olympic National Park in Washington, Jack T. is lost in Denali National Park in Alaska, Juliet is lost in Glacier National Park in Montana, Liz is in Yellowstone, and Delaney is lost near Winter Park, Colorado. We went to Mr. Curtis’s house to actually build a shelter like we will in our stories, and we went to Pawtuckaway State Park to scout out an area that would be a good survival camp to write about. We explored a cave and a sliced away piece of the rock that looked like a thin tunnel. We are going to learn to make a fire out of flint and steel to make a spark and hopefully the wood and paper will burn.

It is pretty cool that we are going to learn how to survive, and if we get into a situation like this we will know techniques.”