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Getting Back into the “Swing” of Things!

Students Attend Nature’s Classroom at the Sargent Center in Hancock NH

RSEC Academy students are off to a great year having just returned from their annual Fall Trip! This trip is traditionally the final event for The Academy’s school start-up orientation. This year, for the first time, staff and students piled into vans and headed off to Nature’s Classroom at the Sargent Center in Hancock NH. There, they were greeted by the awesome Sargent Center staff who enthusiastically led them on adventures for the next three days. Some of the adventures included hikes through the woods, a Canoe Odyssey where students lashed canoes together to form a catamaran, lots of team building challenges, experiencing the Pioneer Village, and even a high ropes obstacle course!

Sargent Center in Hancock NH canoeing

Middle School students build a canoe catamaran with Sargent Center instructor Matt.

At night, after the students enjoyed family-style meals, the instructors led night walks where the staff and students experienced some of the magic of the night – nighttime science experiments, campfires, and an amazing view of the stars through a telescope. After a day full of adventure, the staff and students retreated to the Yurt Village where they all slept in traditional yurts – a new and fun experience for many!

The focus of the week was the Sargent Center’s “4 C’s”: Communication, Cooperation, Commitment, and Care. Throughout the week, members of the Academy community were asked to push themselves out of their comfort zones, and everyone responded to the challenge. Students pushed through their fears, and staff members tried things they never thought they would – truly taking on the 4 C’s, all with the support of the rest of the community cheering them on! The senior class was especially supportive of the whole community as they took on leadership roles with enthusiasm and stepped up as the leaders of the school.

Sargent Center in Hancock NH blacksmiths

Working the blacksmithing station at the Pioneer Village with the help of Sargent Center instructor Radar.

The Fall Trip was a huge success – both in welcoming new members into the community, and also setting the tone for a great year ahead! Stay tuned, for more awesome adventures sure to come.