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Longview Students Practice Farm to Table at the Saddleback Mountain Farm

Students at the Longview School in Deerfield, which is part of the Regional Services and Educational Center (RSEC), are learning exactly where their food comes from. Eight students recently spent half a day at the Saddleback Mountain Farm where they were hosted by organic farmer Will Frey. Mr. Frey runs a small farm in Deerfield.

Students fed the sheep and learned how to catch and trance a chicken. Next, they learned how to harvest fall crops including leeks, chard, beets, and cabbage. Finally, they planted a row of carrots for an early spring harvest.

The students who participated are part of the Arts Team and they are currently learning how to cook. Mr. Frey donated all of the food the students harvested to the Longview School. The students used the food to prepare a fall vegetable stew that was served for lunch to the entire school.

“This type of experience is so important for our students. To have an opportunity to actually harvest, prepare, and serve food is a great example of experiential learning and a great way to engage children in a positive and meaningful way,” said Tom Jennings, director of the Longview School.

Regional Services and Education Center, Inc. (RSEC) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) entity created to provide school districts in Southern New Hampshire with a variety of high-quality educational and special needs focused programs and services. RSEC currently administrates three programs, including Sunrise Children’s Center, an inclusionary early childhood educational center, The RSEC Academy, a junior and senior high school program serving students with learning disabilities, and an alternative high school program, the Longview School.