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Students Learn Backstage Technical Skills and Visit Broadway Through Theatre Life! Intensive

Students from the RSEC Academy received an in-depth look at the world of theatre through the Academy’s unique Theatre Life! intensive session last month. The program illustrates RSEC’s focus on experiential and adventure education, and is one of several that students may include as part of their curriculum throughout the year.

“This type of learning builds character that transfers into the academic classroom, and along with the technical skills that come out of building a set or stage makeup, students learn leadership skills, communication and self-advocacy tactics, and connect those skills directly to real life applications,” said Mrs. Bridgette Doucette-Howell. She is one of the teachers who led the intensive session and accompanied students on a trip to New York City to see Something Rotten on Broadway.

Through the program, students also learned how to build a theatrical flat, design and construct a backdrop for a show, and how to develop their own radio drama. It also included a trip to the University of New Hampshire’s theatre program, where RSEC students participated in classes for special effects makeup design and stage combat.

The RSEC Academy recognizes that students have a variety of learning styles. Intensives, which all Academy high school students are expected to participate in, provide hands-on and real life experiences to teach social skills and to build community. Students are challenged to work cooperatively, communicate effectively, and solve problems creatively while building their self-awareness about social skills. Intensives allow students to take advantage of alternative educational settings and aim to strengthen student learning through unique opportunities for in-depth investigation of cultural and academic endeavors, social skills practice, and reflective methods.