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RSEC Announces 2019 Above and Beyond Champions

Annual event recognizes staff across RSEC’s programs that go the extra mile

Regional Education and Services Center (RSEC) spent time recently honoring members of its team across four programs for going above and beyond in the workplace to support efforts to improve the lives of children of all ages. The “Above and Beyond” awards recognitions were recently held at a special dinner celebration at the Puritan Backroom and those who were recognized received a gift certificate to support their classroom or program and earn an extra day off.

“As I thought about these awards and how we would select just a few individuals to recognize, I was struck by how challenging it is to identify who goes above and beyond at RSEC. Everyone at RSEC exceeds the expectations for a typical educator,” said Janet Reed director of the RSEC Academy. “At RSEC, we show up early, give it our all despite the challenges thrown at us, go home and think and plan how we could do it better or differently tomorrow. The individuals we recognized have taken their work and commitment to a new level and the common theme is giving of themselves to make RSEC, The Academy, their colleagues and students more successful!”

RSEC team members were recognized for going above and beyond and for being creative and innovative in their work at the early childhood center and the middle and high schools. They are as follows:

Joan Adams of Deerfield, who serves as an administrative assistant, moved from a temporary staff member to an invaluable employee at the Longview School in just a matter of months. During that time Joan took it upon herself to step up, take charge and with the help of all staff, fill both jobs until the Longview School could find a replacement. This “can do” attitude was an inspiration to all the staff at Longview. This embodies what above and beyond is for RSEC.

Alison Batey

Alison Batey from Amherst, who serves as a transition coordinator at The Academy to develop opportunities for students in the community as well as develop partnerships with local business and raising the awareness of RSEC. She also spearheads RSEC’s technology capabilities, helps train students and teachers and also has re-energized our adventure activities.

Bridgette Doucette Howell

Bridgette Doucette Howell from Derry, who serves as a social studies teacher at The Academy and develops programming both in and out of school. She creates advanced placement (AP) classes for students who need stretching and handles performance assessments for a wide variety of student needs. She also works to organize students and staff for experiential events such as a play that students wrote, designed and performed

Taylor Kenney

Taylor Kenny of Newmarket who serves as the math teacher at the Longview School received the Creative and Innovative Award. He approaches his teaching and love of math by engaging students to show how math surrounds them in everything they do. Physics, engineering, music and everyday use helped raise student understanding and appreciation of this perceived difficult subject. The school’s 154-acre campus became his classroom as he worked with students to design and build bridges, construct a Frisbee golf course, build a trebuchet and learn how to map. As one of his students told him so eloquently, “You don’t make math suck.”

Janet LeClair from Amherst, who serves as the administrative assistant for The Academy and wears many hats. She is the first impression for The Academy as she fields phone calls and answers questions. There are so many things she does from making sure the school has supplies, keeping track of students and helping the administrators remain organized. In short, her primary focus is to make everyone else’s job easier.

Brian Miskinis

Brian Miskinis of Epping, who serves as a teacher, received the Above and Beyond award in recognition of his work with the Longview School. He has done extensive work with student projects over the years and most recently worked with them on the campus trail system, constructing the Longview sign, building a tipi, adding on to the Nature Center and many projects around the building. His willingness to do whatever it takes to help the school sets him apart.

Andrea Pollock

Andrea Pollock from Manchester, who serves as a reading teacher at The Academy is described as a consummate professional with positivity that is hard to match. She is one of those individuals that leads by example in a quiet way without fanfare. She gives of herself and her time to others assisting in The Academy middle school, helping out in the Vista program or mentoring others with her expansive knowledge of reading.

Amanda Reed

From RSEC’s newest program, the Vista Learning Center, Amanda Reed from Henniker, who serves as program director, has demonstrated her tireless dedication to the Vista program, staff and students since taking it over in July 2018. Last year, she taught full time, performed most of the administrative and case management duties and developed needed systems for Vista. Reed is fully dedicated to the program, her staff and the students and there is no limit to her going above and beyond.

Anne Sprankle

Ann Sprankle serves as a teacher and mentor at the Sunrise Children’s Center. She has a passion for the children and families and puts in 110% effort every day. She works with every child on his or her developmental level helping them develop the foundational skills needed to be successful as they venture into elementary school. She goes above and beyond in working with families and serves as a great role model and leader within the program and brings a smile to Sunrise daily.

RSEC faculty and students led a TEDx Talk event in Keene

RSEC faculty and students led a TEDx Talk event at Keene entitled Leveling the Playing Field, a discussion on strategies to help those with learning differences effectively take in information.

How can we be more mindful in how we engage with students with learning disabilities? Bridgette Doucette Howell and Alison Batey from the RSEC Academy, (Regional Services and Education Center) showed attendees how they break down barriers through positive approaches. Alison has a Masters in Special Education and a Bachelors in Communications, both from the University of New Hampshire. She is the Transition Specialist at the Resources Services and Education Center Academy where she helps students for life after high school for the past 10 years. P.A.L.D. (Positive Approaches to Learning Disabilities) is a free professional development offered to schools, libraries, colleges, and business an interactive approach on how to work and teach individuals with disabilities.

P.A.L.D. is made up of students from the RSEC Academy. RSEC is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) entity created to provide school districts in southern New Hampshire with a variety of high quality educational and special needs focused programs and services. Bridgette Doucette Howell is going into her 7th year at The RSEC Academy. Bridgette has a MAT in Secondary Education with a focus on History and Theatre. She also has a BA in Theatre both from UNH. In 2016 she was a semi finalist for the NH Teacher of the Year award. P.A.L.D. (Positive Approaches to Learning Disabilities) is a free professional development offered to schools, libraries, colleges, and business an interactive approach on how to work and teach individuals with disabilities.

Regional Services and Education Center, Inc. was created to provide school districts in southern New Hampshire with a variety of high quality educational and special needs focused programs and services. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Watch the video here.

Longview School Third Quarter Honor Roll

3rd Quarter Honor Roll

Longview School in Deerfield celebrates academic excellence.

Longview School, Deerfield, NH


  • Hayden Cyr, East Kingston
  • Noah Sylvia, Manchester
  • Richard Vien, Pittsfield