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RSEC Honors Above and Beyond Winners at Annual Awards Celebration

Regional Service and Education Center (RSEC) – a non-profit educational collaborative that provides comprehensive educational programs and services to school districts and students – honored members of its team on Friday, October 18 for going above and beyond to support efforts to improve the lives of children. The “Above and Beyond” awards celebration has recognized the winners with a gift certificate to support their classroom or program and an extra day off.

“This year, we’ve discussed a lot about what above and beyond means to us. Part of which has been how fortunate we are to have individuals who are hard-working and dedicated to the students and the programs at RSEC,” said Janet Reed director of the RSEC Academy. “To be a teacher at RSEC involves countless hours of planning and developing classes and being a one-person department while teaching five different classes with paperwork galore each day. It’s with deep appreciation that we acknowledge these educators who go above and beyond each day to create the magic of The Academy.”

RSEC team members were recognized for their dedication and creativity in their work at the early childhood center and the middle and high schools. They are as follows:

Nicole MacVane of Hampton Falls serves as a licensed mental health counselor and assistant director at the Longview School. She is an accomplished outdoorswoman, rock climber and surfer and has a passion for students and a joy for making a difference.





Nara Cornell of Milford serves as an educator at Sunrise Children’s Center. She exhibits her diligence and commitment to students in putting in extra hours – even at home – to prepare for taking over a new classroom. 




Molly Cummings of Amherst serves as an educator in the infant room at Sunrise Children’s Center. She works diligently to build relationships with families and was the lead participant in helping Sunrise attain the New Hampshire Breastfeeding Friendly Childcare Award in August.




Clarice Davis of Lyndeborough serves in the preschool classroom at the Sunrise Children’s Center. She advocates for children even with the most challenging behaviors and works confidently and compassionately with parents during the referral process.





Alison Batey of Amherst serves as a transition coordinator at The RSEC Academy to develop opportunities for students in the community and develops partnerships with local businesses and raises awareness of RSEC. She also spearheads RSEC’s technology capabilities, helps train students and teachers and has re-energized RSEC’s adventure activities.





Kara Swedlow of Milford earned two Alternative certifications to teach math and science from the NH Department of Education. She underwent this rigorous process while continuing to do all the work for her classes and creating the scope and competencies for the RSEC Academy’s science classes.





Gordon Berry of Milford serves as a teacher at the Vista Learning Center and devoted his personal time to developing and organizing an after-school awards club for students to socialize outside of the classroom.





Allison Brooks of New Ipswich serves as a teacher at the Vista Learning Center. Despite being new to the school, she took on half of the high school courses and became the head organizer for field trips.




Chris Corey of Manchester serves as a teacher at the Vista Learning Center. He began the last school year and taught every high school course offered. He took challenges on and balanced it with all his other duties while starting his master’s degree. He always offered a climate of safety for students and was willing to step in to help students in crisis. 



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