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2020 RSEC Academy Graduation


The RSEC Academy Graduation is proud to announce its graduating class of 2020. The ceremony was held outside at the school and live streamed through Facebook to enable more family members and friends to see the event as nine graduates took part in a very personal, two-hour ceremony.

“Graduates, at some point your life took a drastic turn. For some of you it was early in your school years. For some of you it was later in your school years. The education world that you were in was not working for you. Your parents geared up, used their resources, did their research, asked for help and created a plan. And here you sit today. Where others saw challenges, we saw nothing but potential. You have overcome anxiety, dyslexia, anger and frustration, language difficulties and other challenges too numerous to mention. You also experienced failure. You have also experienced frustration. You, however, did not let that define you and hold you back. The journey was not easy, but you reached within, used your resources, did your research, learned to ask for help, accept help and accomplish more than others thought possible. You are miracles here and we are incredibly proud of the young adults you have become and know that you have the experience, tools and self-advocacy to move successfully into the future,” said Janet Reed, director of the Academy, during her remarks at the ceremony.

The graduates are as follows:

Parker Bowen, Goffstown

Thomas Eldredge, Nashua

Giovanna Giuffrida, Metheun, MA

Dimitrios Kabouris, Windham

Brian Rescino, Bow

Abigail Sliwa, Nashua

Kevin White, Exeter

James Withington, Brookline

Brielyn Zeliski, Rochester


As is the tradition at The Academy, three awards were announced:

RSEC-Academy-2020-Graduation-MatthewMatt Lamparelli from Goffstown was named Student of the Year. This award goes to a student who exemplifies everything we value as a community. Teacher comments regarding his nomination included the following: Quiet but steadfast, he remains curious, open, welcoming and clearly guided by his own internal compass that truly always points true north. He is kind, respectful and conscientious and an overall pleasure to have in class. He demonstrated personal growth. Takes critique with grace and ensures that. Encourages all students to do their best, join the fun and doesn’t settle for just being done.


RSEC-Academy-2020-Graduation-AbigailAbigail Sliwa from Nashua received the Personal Ambition Award. Teacher comments included the following: She sets her sails and when thrown off course, resets the course until she gets to where she wants to be without giving up. Has grown from someone who was unsure of themselves to having clear direction and work ethic to achieve. Understands that sacrifice is required to get where you want to be. Showed perseverance and motivation to making the most out of everything she did.


RSEC-Academy-2020-Graduation-JamesJames Withington from Brookline received the Citizenship Award. Teacher comments included the following: Truly demonstrates what is to be kind and understanding to everyone around him. Friendly, easygoing and accepting of others. Rarely complains when something unexpected or disappointing comes his way. Quietly does what they are expected to do and always tried to make the community a better place.