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Longview School names new head faculty and announces founder’s retirement

Nicole MacVane and Emory Clark of Longview

The Longview School recently named its new director, Nicole MacVane, and assistant director, Emory Clark and announced the retirement of the school’s founder, Tom Jennings. Longview is a private high school that is part of the Regional Services and Education Center (RSEC), a non-profit educational collaborative providing high quality educational and special needs-focused programs and services in southern New Hampshire.

MacVane started working at Longview in 2009 and has been the assistant director for the past six years. She has a graduate degree in counseling psychology, is a certified school counselor in New Hampshire and is a licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor. She brings an integrated approach to her leadership and teaching styles by combining a strength-based approach, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), mindfulness and choice therapy.

“I’m passionate about supporting students to manage their mental health and behavioral challenges with the goal of re-engaging them in their high school education,” MacVane said. “As educators, we can help students overcome obstacles by working with them to raise their levels of emotional, academic and physical well-being.”

Clark started working at Longview in the spring of 2020 and has been in the experiential education field for more than eight years, focusing on wilderness therapy. His professional experience includes working at a residential program for male students for five years as a wilderness guide, medical staff and eventually as an administrator focused on admissions.

“We’re honored to have Nicole and Emory at the helm of the Longview School,” said Judy Koch, executive director of RSEC. “During this time, we also bid farewell to one of our educators, Tom Jennings, who has been with us since the beginning, leaves big shoes to fill and fortunately, plans to stay with us as a consultant.”


Tom Jennings

Jennings has worked with RSEC for more than three decades and founded the Longview School over 20 years ago. His love for adventure and the arts inspired the model of the school’s focus on using arts-and-adventure-based learning to enable student success.

To learn more about Longview, contact Nicole MacVane at, 603.463.7854 or visit