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Deb Davis Young Named Director of RSEC’s Vista Learning Center

Deb Davis Young Vista Learning Center Director

Veteran administrator and teacher will assume the position July 1 

Deb Davis-Young will be bringing more than two decades of teaching and administration experience in New Hampshire and passion for helping students with additional needs to the Regional Services and Education Center’s (RSEC) Vista Learning Center, in Amherst, as the center’s new director. Davis-Young currently serves as elementary special education coordinator for the Monadnock School District and will assume the position on July 1.

Vista Learning Center serves students from grades five to 12 and provides small-group academic instruction for those with Autism, speech-language impairment, emotional disturbances and other health impairments (OHI). Center programs teach rigorous academics in parallel with social thinking skills, which are essential for students to navigate the ever-present demands of life. The center’s highly focused approach integrates families, students, school staff and other service providers to create a community of trust, respect and understanding.

“Vista Learning Center is very fortunate to have Deb take over as director this summer,” said Judy Koch, executive director of RSEC. “Her experience is deep and varied and the need for the very focused services and resources the center provides are in high demand. The Center has built a strong foundation since its inception five years ago and I am highly confident that Deb will build on this in a true student-centered model aimed at education that can enrich lived and help of students reach new levels.”

Davis-Young has served in her role with the Monadnock School District for the past five years. Prior to her current role, she was a case manager and lead teacher at the Cutler Elementary School in Swanzey, a teacher at Keene State College, a director/teacher/case manager at Hinsdale Elementary School and a paraprofessional at Fuller Elementary School in Keene. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Arts and design and a master’s degree in Special Education and Curriculum design, as well as special education teaching certification – all from Keene State College. She also has Special Education Administration Certification.

“I am enthusiastic about joining RSEC as the director of the Vista Learning Center,” said Deb Davis-Young. “I have been in education since 1999, working with students in special education, and have experienced the struggle in public education to meet our student body’s diverse learning needs. As a special education administrator, I recognized the need to work with my team to support and continuously look deeper into what is needed to improve the learning climate. The Vista Learning Center is an example of what is achieved when positive careful decision-making is modeled and experienced; it continues to move through the team and into the classroom. I will continue to positively challenge and support the Vista learning environment for our students so they can thrive to each of their maximum individual capacities.”

The foundation of Vista Learning Center is the belief that no two students learn or are developmentally alike. The Center uses a broad variety of best practices to identify the one that is most effective for each student and will explore every opportunity to capitalize on each student’s abilities and interests. This approach requires a contribution of service providers, teachers and team members well as a range of environments.