Brothers build lasting friendships at Sunrise

By RSEC Team | March 31, 2020

Nicolasa Moreau of Amherst – parent to Caleb (2) and Carter (7) – shares her Sunrise story

Shortly before Nicolasa’s son Carter was of the age to start kindergarten, she started searching for a place that offered a centered environment with a classroom and teachers that could help Carter with his transition into kindergarten. Carter, who was four years old at the time, was shy and slow with transitions.

“I asked around and received a ton of recommendations – all encouraging me to check out Sunrise. My friends shared how much they love the Sunrise teachers and how much fun their children were having at the center. I signed up for a tour and instantly fell in love with my tour guide, Miss Donna. Sunrise felt like a very good fit and a place I would feel comfortable bringing Carter.”

Sunrise offered a pre-kindergarten program that could help Carter slowly ease into the transition to school. If Carter started to feel nervous or shy about being around the other kids, a teacher would quickly be by his side offering their hand so he could feel safe.

“The teachers made Carter instantly feel safe, which helped set up the building block he needed. Because of this, his confidence started to take off and he began opening up to the other children, and slowly creating friendships.”

Carter has made long lasting friendships since he first started attending Sunrise in 2015. And, Nicolasa has received a lot of support from the parent-moms whose children attend Sunrise.

“Just like Carter and the special bonds he has built, I have met and become very close with the Sunrise moms. We have created our own little parenting village!”

Beyond the bonds that have been created with the moms and the children of Sunrise, what Nicolasa and her children like most about Sunrise are the teachers.

“Caleb, who started attending Sunrise when he was six months old, has become very close with his teachers – he feels comfortable and safe with them. And Carter too has built very good connections with his teachers. Both of the boys simply adore Miss Dawn and Miss Ann. They also really like Miss Clarice and Miss Molly.”

The teachers are kind and patient with the children and are very creative with the variety of activities that they prepare each day. One example is an activity where they balled up and wet paper towels on a snowy winter day and kids tossed them around, pretending they were snowballs.

“This was such a fun and interactive game to play. The boys loved it!”

Carter has enjoyed arts and crafts as well as painting and making little things with seeds and popsicle sticks. Both of the kids love all of their playtime and they enjoy the sand boxes and the swings.

“Sunrise does a great job of getting the kids outside when it is nice out, so the kids have fresh air and movement as much as possible.”

While Nicolasa is at work, she can check on the boys through Bright Wheel , an app where teachers upload photos and notes of their snacks, activities and games they have enjoyed playing.

“It’s such a hard thing to be a working mom and having someone else raise your children while you are gone – this is really tough. The Bright Wheel App has really helped. During lunchtime I can click on the app and see what the boys have been up to, and I can check out the snowman they painted, for example or a video of them dancing to one of their favorite songs. I really enjoy following along throughout and showing the boys the photos that I received, when we are together again at home.”

Nicolasa – a fourth grade teacher – is pregnant with her third child who will be joining their big brothers at the center in the fall of 2020.

“Sunrise feels like an extended family. I love all of the warm, welcoming personalities and everyone that takes such good care of our kids. I don’t have to worry about anything. I love Sunrise and absolutely recommend the center to other moms. I am so thankful that I found them!”

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