“The Future” RSEC Academy Intensive Group Wrangles Life’s Challenges

By RSEC Team | January 28, 2012

Challenges Abound for “The Future.”


It was a week of challenges for the RSEC Academy intensive group “The Future.”

This adventurous bunch engaged in activities that showed them what life entails after high school. From touring colleges to writing resumes and learning interview tips and techniques, these students got a taste of the “real world.” Intensives Week at the Academy is an opportunity to explore less conventional subject matter outside of the classroom and takes place between terms.

“The Future” students faced a week of realistic life challenges that were new to many of them. They were put on a tight budget that required them to compare prices at local grocery stores to get everything they needed for breakfast and lunch all week – and then they had to cook it themselves! For many, this was the first time they fried an egg or flipped a pancake, but all the kids stepped up to the plate and prepared many delicious and nutritious meals.

“All week, in between cooking meals and cleaning boot camp, the group researched and planned for the culmination of the intensive week, which was a day trip to Boston. The students navigated the group from Amherst, NH to Cambridge, MA to reach the subway station, purchase T passes, and figure out how to ride the T – a new experience for many, and they only got on the wrong train once,” said RSEC teacher Sara Piper.

On foot, the students used maps and landmarks during a scavenger hunt through Public Gardens, the Common, Government Center, Faneuil Hall, and to the New England Aquarium – a great final destination to take a rest and watch the harbor seals, which was a highlight of the day for everyone.

“With the weather taking a turn, the group was forced to head north to NH earlier than planned, cutting our evening short to avoid getting caught in the storm. While the group was disappointed with having to cancel the dinner reservations and the sleepover at school they had organized, overall the day was a huge success, with the students truly taking on the city in all forms. After a full week of challenges, we can officially say: watch out world, the Future group is coming for you,” she added.

The RSEC Academy recognizes that students have a variety of learning styles. Intensives, which all Academy high school students are expected to participate in, provide hands-on and real life experiences to teach social skills and to build community. Students are challenged to work cooperatively, communicate effectively, and solve problems creatively while building their self awareness about social skills. Intensives allow students to take advantage of alternative educational settings and aim to strengthen student learning through unique opportunities for in-depth investigation of cultural and academic endeavors, social skills practice, and reflective methods.

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