An Intense Week of “Snow Fun” for RSEC Students

By RSEC Team | January 29, 2012
Enjoying RSEC Intensives Week Snow Activities

RSEC Academy High School Students Enjoy Snow Activities During RSEC Intensives Week

JANUARY 30, 2012

Limited snow and warmer weather did not deter the nine RSEC Academy high school students and three staff from spending five days outside this January and making the most of new and familiar experiences in New Hampshire. After planning for more extensive winter pursuits, the Winter Intensive group still managed to go ice skating, sledding, tubing, winter hiking and downhill skiing.

While New Hampshire received an early taste of winter due to record snow over the Halloween weekend, the lack of snow and warmer weather has put a damper on some traditional winter activities. “The weather did not cooperate, so we changed our plan,” said trip coordinator and RSEC Gym teacher Tracy Vest.

The group rented out Conway Arena in Nashua, and tried skating and even a few games of ice hockey. “It was my first time skating in years,” said Junior Alex Deluca With thin cover at the popular sledding spot Bragdon Hill in Amherst, the group still managed some sledding. A plan for snowshoeing turned into an orienteering hike around the Beaver Brook conservation area in Hollis. Students were able to work on their map reading and compass skills covering a majority of the area’s course.

Skiing and snowboarding was a must for the Winter Intensive group, and they chose Cannon Mountain as their destination Their final fun experience of the week was tubing at Loon Mountain. Wearing helmets and goggles, the group took specially designed tubes up a lift before hurtling down a Loon’s tubing trail at high speed. “It was great fun – one of the best things we did on the trip,” said sophomore Jon Poitras. The group also experienced an overnight stay in a condo at the Lodge at Lincoln station.

The RSEC Academy recognizes that students have a variety of learning styles. RSEC Intensives Week, which all Academy high school students are expected to participate in, provide hands-on and real life experiences to teach social skills and to build community. Students are challenged to work cooperatively, communicate effectively, and solve problems creatively while building their self awareness about social skills. Intensives allow students to take advantage of alternative educational settings and aim to strengthen student learning through unique opportunities for in-depth investigation of cultural and academic endeavors, social skills practice, and reflective methods.

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