Local High Schoolers Visit Pet Product Company Walkin’ Pets

By RSEC Team | April 24, 2017
Larry Conley from Walkin'Pets

Students from the RSEC Academy High School in Amherst made a class visit on April 19 to Walkin’ Pets by HandicappedPets.com, an online pet product company located in the same town, which serves the needs of injured, aging, and disabled pets. During the company tour, the students were introduced to each department within the company, learning about different jobs and associated skills needed for various positions.

The students also learned about the Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair, the company’s signature product, as well as many other products they sell that are designed to make life easier for disabled or aging pets and their caretakers. The best part of the day may have been when the students watched a few videos produced by Walkin’ Pets of animals enjoying a second chance at life with the help of the wheelchairs.

RSEC is an environment designed to help students overcome learning challenges. The staff at Walkin’ Pets was very impressed with the level of engagement shown by the students during their tour, and was pleased to share information with them about innovations in the pet product industry.

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