Longview School Announces Class of 2013 Graduates

By RSEC Team | June 14, 2013

June 14, 2013

The Longview School, an alternative high school program administered by the Regional Services and Education Center, Inc. (RSEC), announced the graduates of its Class of 2013. Located in Deerfield, NH, the school graduated two students for 2013: Matthew Parsons, Merrimack, SAU #26, and Keith Hembrough, Derry, SAU #10.

In a ceremony on June 14, 2013, the Longview School Program Director, Tom Jennings, spoke about the students’ commitment to learning and creating their own path for the future. “We are so very proud of each of our graduates,” said Jennings. “The road to success isn’t always an easy one and these students have traveled a more difficult path and succeeded. We’re honored and privileged to have been a part of their journey and wish them well as they embark on a new and exciting phase of their lives.”

RSEC is a nonprofit educational collaborative that provides comprehensive educational programs and services to Southern New Hampshire. Specializing in special education for both behaviorally and educationally challenged youth, RSEC has graduated over 190 students in the over twenty years of alternative high school programming. Students from the Longview School come from all regions of Southern New Hampshire.

About RSEC: Regional Services and Education Center, Inc. (RSEC) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) entity created to provide school districts in Southern New Hampshire with a variety of high-quality educational and special needs focused programs and services.  RSEC currently administrates three programs, including Sunrise Children’s Center, an inclusionary early childhood educational center, The RSEC Academy, a junior and senior high school program serving students with learning disabilities, and an alternative high school program, the Longview School.

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