Longview School honors standout educators and staff at RSEC annual ceremony

By RSEC Team | December 8, 2017
Longview educators honored at event

Two exemplary Longview educators honored

Longview’s Stephanie Dollard was recognized with the organization’s Above and Beyond Award and Cory Mollomo received the Creative and Innovative Award.

“This is an important time in our growth as an organization, and RSEC is able to innovate while we provide such high-quality services because of the excellence of our staff,” said Judy Koch, RSEC’s executive director. “In an environment when everyone regularly goes above and beyond, it is exciting to highlight the leaders and inspirational colleagues who have the skill to dream and achieve. Staff and students are fortunate to work with such esteemed individuals.”

RSEC’s Above and Beyond Awards are given to those who “dedicate significant time and effort beyond the normal delivery of services to benefit others.”

Longview School honored Stephanie Dollard of Barrington, NH, certified art teacher, utilized the 154-acre campus for students’ art projects. Longview School is a program for high school students who were not successful in their previous educational settings due to emotional, behavioral or learning challenges.

RSEC’s Creative and Innovative Awards honor a staff member who thinks of an innovative or creative idea that is implemented and contributes to the positive outcomes for RSEC as an organization. The 2017 Creative and Innovative Award recipients are Cory Mollomo of Hillsborough, NH, and Longview School, and Amanda Reed of Henniker, NH, and Vista Learning Center.

Mollomo created a homesteading program at Longview School that included helping students build a greenhouse, plant farm-to-table gardens, raise chickens, and develop sustainability skills. Culinary arts students use the produce and eggs in the school’s cafeteria and incorporate the produce into daily menus.

Both Above and Beyond and Creative and Innovative Awards recipients received $100 for their classroom or program, and one day out of the classroom/program to continue their work.


Stephanie Dollard, longview teacher

Stephanie Dollard

Cory Mollomo

Cory Mollomo

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