The Longview School programs offer high school academics and counseling

High school program

Photo of student in Longview School ProgramsBoat photo of Longview School ProgramsThe Longview School is New Hampshire’s premier, alternative state-approved diploma-granting high school. While following New Hampshire Curriculum Frameworks, basic skills, content, and values are taught through experiential, hands-on opportunities. We recognize the varying achievement levels of our students and have created a learning environment that addresses individuals’ academic needs based on established goals.

In addition to a range of required academic courses, The Longview School programs include exciting options for elective classes include courses taught by visiting artists, woodworking, ornithology, small engine mechanics, bike maintenance, desktop publishing, and others.

Vocational programs

Students may explore comprehensive technology classes including homesteading, woodworking, building trades, and mountain bike maintenance. While gaining skills in both hand and power tools, students gain practical experience in project management and problem solving techniques. Projects are designed to take advantage of the resources from our beautiful campus as well as to enrich our unique community. All materials, tools, and safety gear are provided and included in the program.

Adventure-based counseling

The Adventure-Based Counseling Program is a key component to Longview School’s overall therapeutic approach. What we observe on Friday at an adventure excursion we’ll discuss during the next week’s individual counseling sessions.

While the activities themselves may appear recreational, with outdoorsy students having an advantage, their value is in how students conduct themselves during adventure based counseling sessions because it offers insight into how we might help. We would rather see a student push their bike up a hill and offer help to fix another student’s flat tire, than watch them make it to the top only to brag about it. During these activities, students must give and accept feedback while they work together towards a common goal.

The program consists of on-site and off-site activities approximately once per week in the following sequence: ice breakers; deinhibitizers; communication; cooperation; trust; group problem solving; and social responsibility.

Arts-based counseling

Like Adventure Based Counseling, Longview’s Arts-Based Counseling happens through meaningful project work in the visual and culinary arts. The project-focused approach creates opportunities for students to react to unexpected events in unfamiliar situations while working together with others. The issues that arise in these interactions are meaningful, and even more so when they are addressed in real time, as this counseling approach encourages.

While all students participate in outdoor activities, Longview’s arts based counseling program does not require overnight adventure expeditions. This allows students to engage in less physically-demanding tasks, which might include pottery and sculpture, cultivating plants in our greenhouse, or visiting nursing homes to read to residents.

Therapeutic services

In addition to weekly group counseling within the arts or adventure based programs, students meet with their counselor every other week. The primary focus of counseling is to help students overcome the issues that impact  their academic success. However, these issues often extend beyond the classroom and as such, we help students set goals that will extend well beyond their time at Longview.

We incorporate a range of therapeutic modalities including a structured behavior management plan, Adventure-Based Counseling, Arts-Based Therapy, small therapeutic groups targeting specific needs, and individual counseling to promote the mental, emotional and physical growth of each student.

Transition services

Group photo during Longview School ProgramsAs students gain credit and begin accomplishing academic and personal goals, we begin preparing for life after Longview School. For those returning to their prior school, this often involves a few classes at Longview, and a few at the returning location. We understand most students want to go back, and we help them get their academics and behavior in line with the expectations they’ll fund upon their return.

We also work with school districts to aid in part/full time transitions, and provide support during the transitional period. Our graduates have entered college, technical school, the military, and into the job market. We not only look to acquire the skills and training needed to succeed in the workplace, we address the attitudes and behaviors employers desire, e.g. best effort, social skills, dependability, respect, and the ability to work within a team.

Summer program

Designed for students to become a productive part of a team and engage in numerous outdoor activities while earning a credit toward graduation, this is a great opportunity for new students to get introduced to Arts-Based Counseling and Adventure-Based Counseling programs, which makes up a significant portion of the Longview School experience. This program also provides a chance to meet other students and staff and develop positive relationships for the upcoming year. Returning students can get focused for the year ahead, improve their skills, and step up into leadership roles.

The summer program equals a physical education half credit.