Our future success relies on honoring our history and achieving our mission while keeping pace with rapid and significant changes in the education landscape in New Hampshire. We are tireless in our efforts to create value for our community and students.

In our strategic plan, it is our promise:

  • To continue to value and champion our team of educators, administrators and support teams
  • To build even closer connections with our partners in school districts, at other programs, and throughout the community
  • To learn through innovative products and services and instill a system to leverage technology, new approaches and other advancements that benefit students and staff
  • To leverage the skills, passion and capabilities of RSEC staff and explore new opportunities to ensure RSEC remains financially solvent despite an unpredictable education landscape
  • To implement new programs and approaches effectively and efficiently
  • To build stronger leadership to guide and champion an evolving organization


Six themes for the future

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RSEC leadership agrees that core to our continued success is ensuring top educators and leaders are on the team. We must value the contributions of our staff and put emphasis on developing and nurturing a talent pipeline.



For RSEC to chart a new path to the future the organization must connect with existing and potential new partners.



RSEC leadership believes that it is essential to adopt an innovation process. This process must be designed to leverage staff knowledge and talent meet partner critical needs.




For RSEC to meet the needs of students, parents, and partner districts, leadership must grow new and sustainable revenue sources born from the innovation process and from existing services.



Good ideas must make it from the conference room to the classroom. RSEC must commit to a culture of implementation to guarantee success.



Future success depends on effective and consistent leadership. A new leadership approach must be adopted for this strategic road map to come to fruition.


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