Why choose The RSEC Academy Middle School?

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Our campus is devoted to helping students understand what drives them academically, what affects them emotionally, and working within that framework to learn new things and gain confidence. Teachers get as excited as students do with each breakthrough, and students tell us all the time that they didn’t expect to fit in as easily as they do.

Individualized experiences

No two students learn in the same way, and that’s why no two RSEC Academy Middle School experiences are the same. Individualized learning, community involvement, classroom skills and adventure-based activities are all part of the recipe, but it is up to students and staff to work together to achieve academic benchmarks while developing a better understanding of the unique barriers we’ll overcome together. Only then can students speak up for themselves and clearly articulate the tools, technology or other accommodations they need to produce their best work.

Creative curriculum

Preparing for high school is only part of the journey. While we won’t claim to make learning fun, we promise it will never be boring. In parallel with a student’s individualized learning program (IEP) developed by school district professionals, teachers and staff at The RSEC Academy Middle School teach transition and life skills by connecting concepts to real-life situations, such as turning a trip to the grocery store into a lesson in math, efficiency, and teamwork.

The mission of The Academy is to provide students with skills and strategies that will allow them to transition successfully back to their sending school, on to further education, or to the community work force. Our staff holds NH Department of Education teaching certifications, have received specialized training for their participation and leadership in the experiential and adventure activities and Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports (PBIS).

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