RSEC Announces 2012 – 2013 1st Quarter Honor Roll

By RSEC Team | December 24, 2012
1st Quarter 2012-2013 honor recipients are...

The 1st Quarter 2012-2013 Honor Recipients

Longview School in Deerfield, NH

Adam Burke – Derry
Keith Hembrough – Derry

The Summit School in Amherst, NH

Honors (no grade lower than 80%):
Dylan Nelson – Derry

The RSEC Academy in Amherst, NH

High Honors (no grade lower than 90%):
Ashley Waxman – Merrimack

Honors (no grade lower than 80%):
Taylor Benedict – Boscawen
Alexander DeLuca – Windham
William Desrochers – Merrimack
Katherine Glosser – Merrimack
Blaine Stanclift – Keene
Anthonee Mantia – Pelham
Joseph Marshall – Merrimack

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