Sunrise Children’s Center honors exemplary caregiver

By RSEC Team | December 12, 2017

Donna O’Connell recognized for going above and beyond at children’s center

Sunrise Children’s Center was pleased to recently recognize standout RSEC employees at a ceremony in Manchester. RSEC is comprised of five programs, and each honored staff members in several award categories.

“This is an important time in our growth as an organization, and RSEC is able to innovate while we provide such high-quality services because of the excellence of our staff,” said Judy Koch, RSEC’s executive director. “In an environment when everyone regularly goes above and beyond, it is exciting to highlight the leaders and inspirational colleagues who have the skill to dream and achieve. Staff and students are fortunate to work with such esteemed individuals.” RSEC’s Above and Beyond Awards are given to those who “dedicate significant time and effort beyond the normal delivery of services to benefit others.”

  • Longview School honored Stephanie Dollard of Barrington, NH. As a certified art teacher, she reimagined the 154-acre campus overlooking Pawtuckaway State Park campus as a tool to inspire students’ art projects. Longview School is a program for high school students who were not successful in their previous educational settings due to emotional, behavioral or learning challenges.
  • Sunrise Children’s Center honored Donna O’Connell of Brookline, NH, who steps in daily to support staff and children in many ways outside of her job title of receptionist. She can be seen grocery shopping for the Children’s Center, soothing a baby, supporting an activity with a preschooler, and even helping with building maintenance! Sunrise is a program of not-for-profit RSEC and offers child care, preschool, and before/after school programs for children ages 6 weeks to 10 years.
  • The RSEC Academy honored teachers Bridgette Doucette Howell of Derry, NH, Jessica Voglino of Troy, NH, and Ashley Bishop of Manchester, NH. The RSEC Academy Middle and High School provides creative curriculum for students with learning disabilities and special needs, including autism, speech impairment, anxiety, services for the deaf or hard of hearing or other issues detailed in an IEP.
    • Doucette Howell is a champion for teachers and students, and is instrumental in helping RSEC build stronger relationships throughout the community and professional development programs for other schools.
    • Voglino was crucial for launching Vista Learning Center by researching curriculum and helping develop its implementation, in addition to her everyday work with students.
    • Bishop improved, implemented and continues to improve the process for the collection and analysis of student performance data. This allows RSEC to move toward a more competency-based grading system that gives a more comprehensive view of student progress.

Creative and innovative awards

RSEC’s Creative and Innovative Awards honor a staff member who thinks of an innovative or creative idea that is implemented and contributes to the positive outcomes for RSEC as an organization. The 2017 Creative and Innovative Award recipients are Cory Mollomo of Hillsborough, NH, and Longview School, and Amanda Reed of Henniker, NH, and Vista Learning Center.

  • Mollomo created a homesteading program at the Longview School that included helping students build a greenhouse, plant farm-to-table gardens, raise chickens, and develop sustainability skills. Culinary arts students use the produce and eggs in the school’s cafeteria and incorporate the produce into daily menus.
  • Reed led the charge to create Vista Learning Center after seeing the need for additional services for some students who could benefit from alternate academic philosophies with more emphasis on real-time feedback and helping students understand the environmental triggers for behavioral issues. Vista Learning Center is a new, specialized program for students who require focused, real-time instruction integrated with social thinking skills.

Both Above and Beyond and Creative and Innovative Awards recipients received $100 for their classroom or program, and one day out of the classroom/program to continue their work. Congratulations and thanks to all staff and employees who make RSEC such a wonderful environment for students and for colleagues.

For more information about RSEC’s programs that offer unique learning environments to children ages six weeks to 21 years old, professional development to educators, and consulting services to schools and school districts, visit or contact RSEC Executive Director Judy Koch at

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