Thank you, Ms. Pat!

By RSEC Team | October 25, 2017

Sunrise Children’s Center recently honored Ms. Pat Cote for her many years of service as a substitute teacher. Ms. Pat resides in Amherst and a friend suggested to her many years ago that perhaps she would like to work a few hours a week at the childcare center. That was back in 1995, and she continued her service to Sunrise for the next 28 years.

Ms. Pat was always a well-loved addition to any classroom. She usually brought a purple bag of little toys to entertain the children when she came to the classroom—small wind-up toys, little seasonal toys, or small trinkets that she had collected throughout the years. The children would gather around her and wait to see what was in the bag!

At the celebration in her honor, Ms. Pat was presented with a large purple bag filled with gifts and a book written and illustrated by the children and staff of Sunrise—The Alphabet of Ms. Pat.  Each letter said something special about Ms. Pat. The letter Q said it the best; As one child wrote, “Q is for Ms. Pat – she is the Queen of all of us.”  And indeed she is—she will be missed for her never-ending smile and wonderful sense of humor.

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