About Vista Learning Center

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Structured classroom learning combined with social thinking skills

The foundation of Vista Learning Center is the belief that no two students learn or are developmentally alike. We must use a broad variety of best practices to identify the one that is most effective for each student. Vista will explore every opportunity to capitalize on each student’s abilities and interests. This approach requires the contribution of service providers, teachers and team members well as a range of environments.

The Vista Learning Center serves students from grades 5 to 12 and provides small-group, academic instruction for those with Autism, speech-language impairment, emotional disturbances and other health impairments (OHI).

The programs at the Vista Learning Center teach rigorous academics in parallel with social thinking skills, which are essential for students to navigate the ever-present demands of life. Our highly focused approach integrates families, students, school staff and other service providers to create a community of trust, respect and understanding.

Our programs teach this through creating a culture of confidence, communication and continued learning that recognizes and takes into account each student’s unique needs.

  • Confidence
    The Vista Learning Center supports students by working with them to improve their confidence by enhancing self-esteem and strengthening their social skills including communication, cooperation, problem-solving, trust, leadership and recreation.
  • Communication
    The Vista Learning Center partners with families and others involved in a student’s academic success and home life by creating opportunities to reach personal and educational goals through working together. We support parents and students in the ways that will help them most and create strategies for everyday experiences to become personalized learning opportunities.
  • Spark Continued Learning
    The Vista Learning Center offers focused instruction by course-correcting negative behavior in real-time. Educators at Vista may explore the social and environmental factors contributing to the behavior and offer immediate feedback for improvement.

These approaches act as the cornerstone that helps us build curriculum and support plans that spark each student’s love for continued learning while nurturing their unique social knowledge skills and laying a strong foundation for success.