Welcome to Longview: A Letter from the Director

By RSEC Team | September 2, 2017
Welcome to Longview in Deerfield NH

On behalf of the entire staff at Longview School, we welcome you to the 2017-18 school year.

As we enter our 18th year of operation and as I look back over the many changes that have taken place, I’m more committed than ever to our goal: to engage students and help them prepare for life after Longview. In fact, Longview’s name arose from a desire to help students gain those intangibles that are so critical to being successful in the world.

The definition of success could be different for everyone, but here’s how I like to think about it. I would rather see a student finish a hike last because he stopped to help others along the way, than see a student reach the peak first because he pushed people aside along the way. We get to choose the type of learners – and people – we are. Longview will help you see that.

Many alumni come back to visit us after they’ve left Longview, and talk about something we’ve taught and tell us they didn’t “get it” until after they had left. But the important takeaway is that they did “get it” and thought it was important to let us know we helped them.

We believe that not all education takes part in the classroom, and not all growth is visible on the outside.

With best wishes for a wonderful year,

Tom Jennings, director, Longview School

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Longview: A Letter from the Director

  1. Chris the macleod

    I was at Longview way back in 06 I believe and without the intervention I got there I’d probably be in prison or worse. I got into bird watching and wood carving math became fun and science finally appealed English finally roped me into submission ,to where I now enjoy the good novel every now and again. I know my kids will attend one day.

  2. RSEC Team Post author

    Hi Chris – Thank you for the update, we’re so glad you had a great Longview experience. We wish you and your family the best!


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