RSEC schools and programs provide ideal learning environments for students of all abilities.

Regional Services and Education Center (RSEC) is a private, not-for-profit partner to families and school districts throughout New Hampshire. We are home to an early childhood education center and four other programs designed for students with educational disabilities, including specific learning disabilities, autism, and other social, emotional, and behavioral needs.

RSEC schools prepare students for the next step in their educational or professional careers by helping them to understand their learning challenges and to create ways to overcome their individual, academic and social barriers. Our team of educators and staff are specially trained and certified to teach children and students with developmental, behavioral and learning disabilities. RSEC programs serve students from across New Hampshire at four physical locations in Amherst and Deerfield and also provide summer programs, experiential learning opportunities, and adventure-based curriculum.

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RSEC Schools offer education for children six seek through 21 years